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[Image: BB69ECCF-DD2D-4898-8148-23AF7F09704E-768x1024.jpeg]
Endangered Daughters Initiative (EDI) in its drive to reach out to young ladies, visited Ikuru Community Secondary School in Andoni Local Government Area, Rivers State on the 7th of May, 2018. 

[Image: 510EAAB8-EBBD-4CA3-AB8F-9CFA6270456C-768x1024.jpeg]

The EDI team arrived Ikuru town and were well received by the school Principal. In our usual way of doing things, Stella Osuagwu (EDI Host) facilitated an awareness and educative sessions on personal hygiene, self-esteem, confidence, earning a living, academics, career path, marriage and relationships.  

[Image: F2E32288-DB24-4FEE-9FC2-F24177550297.jpeg]

This visit was an extraordinary one, based on the fact that in addition to the awareness and educative session facilitated by Stella Osuagwu, we taught the young ladies how to make beads and earn a leaving from bead making. The bead making session was facilitated by our one of our partners Queen Maxwell Ordu (CEO Gifted Hands Jewels LTD). 

[Image: 102B442C-CFEA-49BA-AE5B-65D2CBAB2EA3.jpeg]

Below are links to videos of outreach.

At the end of the session sanitary pads and educational materials were distributed, the young ladies were very happy and extended their appreciation to the team for such a wonderful visit and encouraged the team to revisit.

It is worth of note that this initiative is geared towards educating the girl child, boosting their confidence, making them more aware of themselves as well as equip them for the challenges that lie ahead and how to overcome such challenges. Some of the identified problems include early marriage, poor hygiene, low self-esteem, depression, lack of proper education/exposure. The brainbox behind this wonderful initiative and her formidable team are determined to give the girl child a voice, with focus on the rural areas. 

As we progress in the right direction towards actualization of our goal, the Programme Manager, Nnamdi Chiadikobi would be working with stake holders to improve the EDI 2018 programme and benefits offered to the young girl child. 

Watch out for our next outreach, with your support we can touch the lives of young Nigeria girls and drive the actualisation of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls). UNSDG 2030. Our goal is to empower 10,000 young ladies by the year 2028 (just before the elapse of the SDG 2030).

The programme manager, Nnamdi Chiadikobi wish to thank you all for your support in making this dream come through. Special thanks to Francis Adahosa, Queen Maxwell Ordu, Belize Global Resources Limited for their firm support during this outreach.

Together we can achieve more.

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