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Author: Watchtower
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Interesting Times Ahead - Patrick Etim



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[Image: 6F68DC32-93AC-43FA-8633-E7D8DE55C1E6.jpeg]

I dedicate this song to Dino, Saraki, Shehu Sank, OBJ and co.

Sing with me:

Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you…

A friend said he overhead Jonathan singing:

Let God arise and my enemies will scatter….

Dear Saraki, when you disobeyed your party and took the Senate Presidency, do you think that was the end of the matter? Do you think because Tambuwal did it as Speaker and got away with it, that you will also get away with it?

Be ready to fight for your life. Before the Police will come out publicly to associate the No. 3 citizen with armed robbery, they have perfected everything.

Wike, Ortom and Fayose, get ready. I may not have a church but my prophecies are mostly accurate.

Interesting times ahead.

– Patrick Etim