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Author: Watchtower
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When Nigerians Ignored History: The Real Buhari Have Been Manifest From Antiquity



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[Image: 7779B2F1-EC33-4179-A29D-A6774D185CA5.jpeg]

Deja vu....repeatee..... Ooooooh not again.

Fela Charged With Armed Robbery By Buhari Government In 1984.

When Nigerians ignored history........

........The real Buhari have been manifest from antiquity.

On 4 September last year (1984), minutes before leaving the country for an extensive tour of the US, Fela Anikulapo Kuti was arrested at the airport of Lagos due to an attempt at smuggling foreign currency out of the country. “He who emanates greatness, carries death in his pouch and cannot die” is what this controversial African musician called himself. But the Nigerian authorities took this for granted and took him to court for the 451st time in ten years.

Fela was supposed to have carried 1600 English pounds with him instead of the maximum amount of 50 that one person is allowed to take out of the country. An accusation that Fela’s defense did not deny but explained by pointing to the 45 people in the retinue of the musician. And 1600 divided by 45 is nowhere near 50. This did not impress the judges who sentenced Fela to five years imprisonment. When he has served this sentence he will be 51. But if the man will survive the circumstances

and treatment in a Nigerian jail remains doubtful. It appears his health has deteriorated frightfully in the last three months.

Even foreign Newspaper remember Buhari, na only Naija people no dey remember history.

And now let us reflect on what is actually going on in Nigeria right now......will show you who Buhari is.......

This is the same Buhari who refused to allow governor Ambrose Alli to seek treatment. He dealt with Ajasin, Awolowo and most politicians except the ones from Katsina state.

Locked up late vice president Ekwueme but left President Shagari.

So now the ancestor is replaying a part of his ancient tricks again. Dejavu and his zombies are all hyperventilating, like we don't know these happenings were commissioned by their "ancient of days" and transmissioned to the semi-illiterate IGP.

I just hope zombies are saving their stipends should incase their dull one miscalculates and things start going downhill for him. At least Niger republic residency for zombies shouldn't be hard to afford.

Nigerians who knew Buhari from his military days can't make a mistake about his identity.

While reading and following Saraki's latest ordeals with police as related with Offa robbery case, I stumbled on this throwback headline of Fela being also charged with robbery and flogged in 1984.

If you never witnessed 1983, this is another 1983 in 2018.

[Image: 1B8AD28E-094C-45DE-BBCA-3D289EC91AE5.jpeg]
[Image: A2C9819A-86DB-44A5-A1D3-5D47434984CC.jpeg]
[Image: D6C10420-6185-40FD-855D-CF4887ED73E8.jpeg]

- Chinedu Nwosu