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Author: slimsaint
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Nigerian Teacher Caught On Camera Marking Students' WAEC Scripts Inside Bus (Video)



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n what will come across as a really surprising development, a Nigerian teacher has been seen on camera marking WAEC script in a bus. 
[Image: wace.JPG]  The woman was caught marking scripts inside a bus

A video has emerged on social media showing the moment a woman was caught doing something really saddening.
In the video, the woman, who is yet to be identified, is seen marking some WAEC scripts right inside a public transport which is crammed with a lot of people. The footage has left many viewers shocked online.
Usually, marking high-profile exam scripts like WAEC, requires the marker to be in a quiet place where concentration is at its highest and where chances of making mistakes are at a minimal volume.
However, this woman, who is thought to be a teacher, apparently does not quite care about concentration or about making errors. The video was shot in an area of Enugu state.
Concerned Nigerians have called on WAEC to look into the matter, identify the woman and sanction her accordingly.
Watch the video below