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Author: Watchtower
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Fuel Tanker Explodes Along Lagos Ibadan Expressway 54 Vehicles Completely Burnt



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[Image: 99481CD0-BED1-4A4D-857B-DE6DE98C16FF.jpeg]

A fatal road accident along Lagos Ibadan Expressway have claimed more than 9 lives as the time of filling the report, with more than 4 travellers critically injured. The accident occurred on Thursday at around 5:30pm.

A prompt joint rescue operation involving FRSC, Lasema, NPF, RRS, NSCDC, Lagos State Fire service, and LASTMA, was carried out to reduce the casualty rate.

According to Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) report, 54 vehicles were involved in the accident. The accident occurred as a result of a break failure by a loaded fuel tanker. All vehicle involved in the accident were completely burnt.