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Author: Watchtower
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Tribute To My Brother And Friend Okon Iyanam



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[Image: A205CCC2-9957-4A3F-AD41-37ACE6779E89-768x698.jpeg]

Adieu, my brother. Sometimes you were with me against our common Mechanic, sometimes you stood with the Mechanic against me. Your intelligence was infectious.

Not many will believe that despite knowing each other by reputation for a long time, we only got to meet physically just a few years ago.

I followed your career at Globacom with pride. I encouraged your Gubernatorial ambition in our state and felt you were more than qualified.

Despite our age difference, you treated me as an equal. The fact that we both attended Federal Government Colleges helped to bring out the mutual respect. I remember you telling me that had I attended FGC Warri, I would have been your school son, yet not many seeing us together would have known you were that much my senior.

Sad that I never got to take up that offer to visit and stay in your hotel.

Coming at a time my spirit was already down due to the killings in our country, your death is an additional blow.

My spirit is down, yet I stand. They may have succeeded in killing your body but your spirit lives on.

They have inflicted emotional pain on me, yet I stand. I stand because you would have wanted me to do so.

I stand, defiantly, without fear. I stand, face to face with injustice and oppression and I refuse to retreat.

You were always a delight to read on social media. A simple minded fellow with great insights. Even when friends hurt you, you took it in your strides and moved on, never uttering any word in annoyance.

If there is anything I learnt from you, it was how to keep calm in the face of extreme provocation. Something I did not learn too well.

Your killers, whoever they are, may believe they have won but they only killed your body and the worst form of death awaits them and since there is nothing hidden under the sun, they shall be caught and exposed ultimately.

Still I stand, my senior and brother. I stand with you in death. In your death, I stand stronger against forces of oppression, injustice, greed and wickedness.

Okon Papa, Efakek as you like calling me, still stands.

I don’t know when I will be joining you but I surely will because death is inevitable. Death is now what we live with. Only those who live in denial or ignorance don’t know that it is a matter of time. It will come to each and everyone of us, including your killers.

– Patrick Etim