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Author: slimsaint
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Prophet Allegedly Prophecies Recent And Impending Tragedies In Nigeria (Audio)



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A man of God is becoming popular on social media after his followers claim he predicted the road mishap in Lagos State yesterday as well as other developments. 

 [Image: berge1.JPG]

The accident scene

A trending voice note done by an unknown man has been causing uproar after yesterday's Lagos-Ibadan expressway tanker explosion.
Popular insinuations have it that it's the voice of one Prophet Udensi Godlove who had a premonition about some future black days in Nigeria.
It would be recalled that the tanker explosion at the Otedola Bridge area of Berger Lagos State caused the death of about 9 to 10 people with 54 vehicles burnt.

[Image: berge2.JPG]

In the voice note, the man of God is quoted as saying, "It says 23rd June, 28th June, 12th July, 24th July, 30th July, and first of 1st August. Do not travel out or in to Lagos using the following transport. Okessy, Benue Links, Agofure, God is Good, Young Shall Grow, Abia Line, Air Peace, Efosa.
"You can travel with them on any other date but not in the above dates. Then, 11th July, 25th of June, Sunday 22nd July, 6th August, and 19th August. Do not travel by air within Nigeria."

Carefully listen to the voice note below:[/size][/size]