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Author: Watchtower
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Patrick Etim: VP Osibanjo A Good Man Trapped In A Bad System



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[Image: 28C6A601-333A-4B53-9CEB-3B84D46489A1-768x524.jpeg]

I have always had a subdued admiration for Osibanjo. Subdued because I have found it difficult to reconcile some of utterances with the personality of him I have come to know from friends.

My perception changed a few days ago when I sat a table away from him at the opening ceremony of the NBA Section on Business Law. I watched him intently as he sat there exchanging pleasantries with other lawyers and when he delivered his address.

I saw a very good man trapped in a bad system. I listened to his arguments against the Africa Free Trade and his efforts with regards to the ease of doing business in Nigeria and that is when I realised that we need him to remain this government, if only to act as a restraint to the rampaging devourers.

When you look at a man’s face, look into his eyes deeply, you will be able to see a good man or bad man, depending on how deep your spirit of discernment can go. I had the same view of the Minister of Trade and Investment, Okechukwu Enelamah. He is a sincere fellow.

I have come to respect the Vice President and understand his limitations. I now see him as a man trying trying to change the system from within. I can’t say how well he is doing it or whether he has joined them, feeling he can’t beat them.