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Author: slimsaint
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Pandemonium In Onitsha Market As Trader Is Allegedly Killed By Suspected MASSOB Gang



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The gruesome murder of a young trader at Bida Road, Main Market Onitsha, has caused pandemonium at the market in Anambra state commercial city. 

 [Image: man-killed-in-onotsha-1.jpg]

The deceased
According to multiple online reports and varous eye witness reports, a trader identified as Ndubisi Nwokolo was reportedly killed at Onitsha market on Friday at Bida Road, Main Market Onitsha.
Here's how Onitsha City News which shared the photos, reported the incident on Facebook:
"Early today, pandemonium struck Onitsha Main market over the death of a trader. Though the story surrounding the man's death is cloudy, these are some facts about the death:

[Image: man-killed-in-onotsha-2.jpg]
1. The man killed is known as Ndubisi Nwokolo. He is said to have an acquaintance to the native Onitsha people.
2. His killers are a gang under the leadership of a man called "Ikanda". Ikanda is said to run "Onitsha South". He is said to be a top man within the MASSOB (Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra) and feared around Onitsha.
3. Mr. Nwokolo was killed as a result of a brawl for royalty to be paid to Ikanda.

[Image: man-killed-in-onotsha-3.jpg]
4. The incident occurred at Bida Road, Main Market Onitsha.
5. Riots crippled down the largest market in West Africa."