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Author: slimsaint
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Confusion As Chidinma Ekile And Kizz Daniel Unfollow Each Other On Instagram



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It appears that the friendship or better-still rumoured relationship between Kizz and Chidinma has ended abruptly as they part ways online. 

 [Image: kis.JPG]

Kizz Daniel and Chidinma

Just 3 months after they went public with their relationship by getting matching tattoos, singers Kizz Daniel, 23, and Chidinma Ekile, 26, have unfollowed each other on Instagram.
Kizz Daniel is following just 27 persons on Instagram and Chidinma is not one, while Chidinma is following over 900 persons, and Kizz Daniel happens not to be one of them.
The duo have reportedly been dating since mid-2017. It is not clear if the duo are still on talking terms as they haven't been seen together in public.