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Author: slimsaint
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The Airegin Mafia (A must Read Action Thriller)



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[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTihe-TB_1A_RjrXTmnMc2...yyvMIfsTlf]
The Airegin Mafia

The largest and most dangerous Cartel in the country of Airegin and the whole continent which took over 25 years to build comes crashing as the joint owners become sworn enemies. They break up to form two different dangerous organisations and the Drug Lords go into oblivion, intending to come back for themselves for a bloody revenge.

Here comes two lovers in the same continent, madly in love with each other and willing to go to any length for themselves. They're called to their different homes by the parents to help begin a fight against their family's worst enemies.
Unknowingly, these lovers families are the sworn enemies, which means the lovers would have to fight against each other's family. They have no choice as this is what they have been trained for all their lives.
The madly in love duo come against each other in a bloody war without the knowledge of being against each other.

The bloody fight of the Drug Lords against themselves and the one of the lovers' families against each other comes at the same time. These Battles takes several lives away and turns the continent upside down. This leaves Cole, an Agent of the AAHD confused.
There's a connection between the lovers' war and the Drug Lords' war, this, Agent Cole is set to unravel the mystery behind.

All Chapters and Episodes will be posted here on Tuesday 10th july2018

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