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Adamawa Cholera Outbreak, Benefits of Fasting, Other Major Health Stories Last Week



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[Image: Cholera-patients.jpg?w=599&ssl=1]

Adamawa Records 1,564 Cases Of Cholera

Amos Ujulu, Director of Disease Control Department (DCD) at Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency (ASPHCDA) said the state has recorded 1,564 cases of cholera this year.
Mr Ujulu, in his presentation on the recent outbreak of cholera to the State Executive Council Meeting in Yola, said over 100 communities were affected by the outbreak in the northern part of the state.
He listed the affected local government areas as Maiha, Mubi North and Mubi South, adding that the disease further spread to some parts of Cameroon bordering Nigeria.
Mr Ujulu said that N22 million was required to check further spread of cholera, which has claimed 26 lives in the state.

HIV/AIDS: Adolescents Need More – Foundation

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), an NGO, has called on government to incorporate mental health services and social interventions into support groups of adolescents living with HIV and AIDS in the country.
Steve Aborisade, Advocacy and Marketing Manager, AHF, said the interventions would help to moderate the various influences on their emotions, support their resilience and aid adjustment capabilities.
He said the interventions include incorporating mental health services with anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and stressing management skills alongside life skills into adolescent support groups.
Another area is a supportive policy that would allow adolescents in schools easy access to meet appointments at the clinics.

Fasting Can Reduce Multiple Sclerosis-like Symptoms

Intermittent fasting reduces Multiple Sclerosis (MS)-like symptoms, a study on mice by U.S. researchers shows.
MS is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

In the study, mice were either allowed to eat freely or fed every other day for four weeks before receiving an immunisation to trigger MS-like symptoms.
Both groups of mice then continued on their same diets for another seven weeks.
The mice that fasted every other day were less likely to develop signs of neurological damage such as difficulty in walking, limb weakness and paralysis.

Nuts Improve Sperm Quality

Men who ate about two handfuls of mixed almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts daily for 14 weeks improved their sperm count and had more viable “swimmers”, scientists have found.
The study came amid a decline in sperm counts across the Western world, linked to pollution, smoking and diet.
Researchers said there was growing evidence a healthy diet could boost the odds of conceiving.
Experts said the study backed up others that showed a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and the B vitamin folate improved fertility.