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Author: slimsaint
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Over 30 Cows Killed As Fulani Herdsmen Suffer Massive Losses In Taraba (Photos)



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 group identified as Yandang militias from kasuwan ladi, Nyapuli and others have been accused of invading and killing over 30 cows that belong to the Fulanis at Abbare town in Lau LGA of Taraba[Image: coow1.JPG][Image: coow1.JPG]One of the killed animals

Rumours have it that a coalition of Yandang, Bachama, and pockets of Mumuye militias in Taraba State invaded an Hausa-Fulani community during which they destroyed lives and properties.
The murderous men allegedly killed people, burned down and ransacked Santuraki, Kiri, Katibu and many villages suburbs of Mayo-lope  and rendered thousands homeless.
Pictures of a couple of cows killed have been shared on social media as the affected party seeks justice and media attention