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What Will Happen To People If They Don't Pay Tithes In Church - Pastor Reno Omokri



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Reno Omokri has waded into the tithe controversy explaining what will and will not happen if one does not pay tithes. 

 [Image: Reno-Omokri-questions-Father-Mbaka-s-sta...Buhari.jpg]

Reno Omokri

There has been a raging controversy about the issue of tithe payment among Christians and many influential Nigerians have taken part in the discourse.

Over time, many pastors around Nigeria have warned their followers that they would suffer certain grave consequences if they reused to pay tithes but this has divided any Nigerians. While some feel that the pastors are overly exaggerating the issue or out-rightly lying, others feel they are right and speaking from the Bible.

Now, Reno Omokri, who himself is a pastor, has joined the discussion as he gives his own opinion.

According to him, if a person does not pay tithes, the person will suffer no grave consequence and will not die as some pastors have often claim. He went on to give examples of people who never paid any tithe but went on to make a lot of money