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Author: slimsaint
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40-year-old Woman Poisons Herself Due To Parental Pressure To Marry



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 40 year old single has committed suicide after her family members reportedly mounted undue pressure on her to get married.

Facebook user, Seun Obajolu took to her page to share sad news of a single lady who poisoned herself due to parental pressure to get married.

She didn't indicate if the lady died. According to her, the lady was over 40 and had a Master's Degree.

She wrote; "I am upset and emotional! Just heard of a single sis above 40 who poisoned herself due to parental pressure. She had a Master’s Degree"Her social media message has gone viral amidst presssure on African ladies who are above 30 to get married.
[Image: Seunn2.JPG]