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Author: SLim Baba
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'Marriage Does Not Work, Just Have A Child' - Timaya Tells Phyno

SLim Baba


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Nigerian singer, Timaya has made a rather controversial statement recently while at a meeting with his colleagues. 

[Image: Timaya%20talks.JPG]
Timaya advising Phyno
Apart from being one of Nigeria's most well known singers, Timaya is also a controversial person who is known for speaking his mind without fear on debatable public discussions.
The singer who is already a father of three kids, recently made a statement that has gotten fans talking. 
Timaya was caught on camera telling fellow singer, Phyno to forget marriage and just have babies and watch them grow. He went on to assert that marriage does not work.
Timaya made the controversial statement while hanging out with fellow musicians like Paul Okoye of the defunct P-square group and others inside Phyno's home.
The "Dance" crooner made the statement in front of Phyno's parents.
Phyno who was behind the camera, capturing Timaya's words, shared the video on his Instagram stories.

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