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Author: SLim Baba
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Shocking Story Of Doctor Who Deliberately Maimed 32 Patients During Operation

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The shocking story has been told of the evil doctor who intentionally maimed his own patients during operations.[Image: doc.JPG]

Mary Efurd awoke from her operation screaming. The pain was beyond agonising, and she realised with horror that she could no longer move her legs.
Her surgeon had claimed that the operation would ease the back pain she had complained of, but by the time he had changed out of his scrubs and washed his hands, Mary was feeling worse than ever.
Little did she know that she had fallen into the clutches of a crazed, white-coated killer known as Doctor Death, and was lucky to escape with her life.
Over the course of an 18-month surgery spree, 32 patients - including Mary - say they were maimed by sociopath surgeon Dr Christopher Duntsch.
The 47-year-old, based in Texas, used to boast in his TV adverts that he was "the best neurosurgeon in all of Dallas."
But many patients hobbled out of his clinic with severe spinal injuries, damaged nerves or severed vocal cords.

Dr Christopher Duntsch had a habit of botching his surgeries and maiming his patients
Two victims paid for his brutal negligence with their lives, while two more have been left paralysed forever.
And now a new podcast, called Dr Death, explores his crimes in detail - featuring testimony from the people whose lives he ruined as well as the lawyers who helped put him behind bars.
Spines slashed and vocal cords hacked
Mary has been confined to a wheelchair ever since she went under Duntsch's knife, and today the 80-year-old still can't stand up for more than ten minutes at a time.
During her operation, Dr Death drilled into her muscle instead of her bone, recklessly sliced into one nerve at the root and deliberately twisted a metal screw into another - causing searing pains which lasted for days.
Every other person in the operating room was horrified, telling Duntsch that he was botching the surgery, but the doctor didn't seem to care.

Mary was left wheelchair bound after he treated her for back pain
And when the horror operation was over, it was so blatant that Mary would need emergency corrective surgery that a technician left another set of tools in the theatre for the doctor who was inevitably called to clean up the mess.
Duntsch, who has been described as a "butcher" and a "sociopath", is currently serving a life sentence for the deliberate maiming.
But after he was arrested, many more victims came forward to reveal the horror injuries they have been left with.
Among them is Jackie Troy, who woke up from her operation unable to talk when the doctor left all but one of her vocal cords paralysed.
Speaking in the low rasp - still all she can muster today - she tells TV news channel Inside Edition: "They didn't know if I would survive."
Another, Lee Passmore, had part of his spine needlessly removed during an operation for back pain, leaving him with crippling nerve spasms which make it hard to walk.
"It feels like there's an ice pick planted squarely in my back," he says. "I shouldn't be this way."

Duntsch has faced claims of negligence from over 30 patients he has operated on
A self-described killer who thought he was God
Passmore's attorney has claimed that Duntsch has long had a serious drug problem, something which may have fuelled his negligence.
Allegedly, Dr Death once spent a whole night doing cocaine at a party, before changing into his scrubs as soon as the sun came up and then going straight to work.
While the drug claims are disputed, it is well documented that Duntsch had a warped ego which could have driven him to harm the people he was meant to protect.
In a disturbing email to his office assistant, he once described himself as "something between God, Einstein, and the Antichrist."
And in another, he wrote: "I am ready to leave the love and kindness and goodness and patience that I mix with everything else that I am and become a cold blooded killer."
These are among the grim details which will be explored in the Dr Death podcast, a six-part investigation of Duntsch's crimes hosted by journalist Laura

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