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Author: ritcha
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Let's adjust the "reduce sweetness" behavior for good health. Strong body



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Let's adjust the habit of reducing sweetness for health. The freshness and vitality as the body receives its soulful sweetness. It may cause us to die and think that sweetness is a true friend that should be in a permanent relationship. Indeed, sweet sugar. Beneficial to the body in terms of energy. But no nutritional value
Sugar contains glucose, the smallest molecular carbohydrate. After drinking it, the body can absorb it immediately. Resulting in stimulating the secretion of chemicals in the brain Makes us feel refreshed, relaxed and instantly better mood But wait a minute Do not forget that each day we get natural sugar from various food menus. Whether it is rice, flour, vegetables and fruits, which are rich in sugar. The number is already limited. If the sweetness of the drink is added several times a day, the overflowing sweetness will eventually spit out toxins in our body. Because sugar will turn into fatty tissue Which causes the deterioration of various organs Aching pain Osteoarthritis, diabetes, narrowed blood vessels, etc.

For good health Therefore invited me to adjust the behavior of "sweetening" from today Let's try to follow them one by one. Or will deduct all of the raw materials It will truly protect your health.

1. Tell yourself that Here in the refrigerator there will only be fruit instead of fruit juices, flavored and flavored. Try to keep your heart going, not going straight to the shelves of various flavored juices in the supermarket. But tending to the seasonal fruit zone that is more nutritious. Choose to buy and eat fresh. Giving an equally joyful feeling Turn to force yourself and practice familiar I'll be used to myself anyway.

2. If you are enchanted by the sweetness of coffee, it is recommended that you choose a good-tasting coffee that is pleasing to your taste, brewing hot and drinking without sugar. In that when the protagonist is struck with coffee Will fall for the sweetness of the sugar so much, minus the real taste Why is coffee? Try brewing and drinking. A little longer will be attracted to black coffee without sweet taste.

3. Try to adjust your behavior to brew hot drinks. Instead of a cold drink Warm or room temperature water is good for good health. And if the coolness from the drinking water in daily life has gone This is equivalent to cutting out many sizes of cold drinks that can cook sugar and turn to sip hot drinks that do not cook but do it often, believe it will become familiar.

When adjusting the behavior of "reducing sweetness" from beverages already Gradually moved to cut the list of other crunchy snacks Eat fresh fruits and dip them into chili, salt, sugar or sweet fish sauce. Must force the desire to quench the desire before the disease asks for

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