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Author: SLim Baba
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What New Habit Have You Developed Lately? -

SLim Baba


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Sequel to the topic, " What Have You Lost Interest In Recently? " 

What are those things you developed interest in recently?

As for me: NOTHING....  
i just wana make front page...

feel free to add yours..

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1. Pray Constantly.
2. Hope In God (Faith).
3. Act (Action - Work Harder).




Staying home.
So in love with my house.
Saving tons of $$$ too!




Evaluation of my new year resolution...I Decided that I must add the two packs abs that I promised myself this that before 2019 October, i wIll add another 2 making it complete 6pack .it's a work in progress... So I'm now a gym rat..


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