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Author: SLim Baba
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Marriage Of Two Years Ends Disastrously After Husband Allegedly Impregnated Housemaid

SLim Baba


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A couple have parted ways after the husband reportedly impregnated the housemaid in Abuja.[Image: Crying%20woman.jpg]

A Gudu Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Thursday dissolved the 2-year-old marriage between Doyinsola Adebiyi and Adebiyi Kayode, because of the latter’s extra marital affairs with their maid.
Doyinsola, a resident of Federal Housing Lugbe, Abuja, prayed the court to dissolve her 2-year-old marriage because of her husband’s extramarital affair with their maid.
The 26-year-old housewife told the court that the maid confessed to aborting two pregnancies for Kayode and that “she is currently three months pregnant for my husband.”
Doyinsola said that on hearing about the extra marital affairs, she became agitated and left her matrimonial home in Lagos State for Abuja.
“Two months after I left the house, my husband married a 20-year-old woman and never bothered to look for me,” she said.
Kayode, 51, residing in Adegbe, Lagos, who never appeared in court, wrote a letter to the court through his lawyer, authorising the court to grant his wife’s request.
He added that since she abandoned her matrimonial home, the court should dissolve the marriage.
The judge, Mr Abdul Bello, consequently dissolved the marriage.

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