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Nigeria’s Internet Subscription Hits 104m



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Nigeria internet data report released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has shown that Nigerian internet subscription data increased from 103,671,778 in July 2018 to 104,628,642 in August 2018.

The report, which captured the growth trend from September 2017 to August 2018, indicated that the country recorded 1,056,864 increase in one month. It showed that MTN maintained its dominant  position with 36.4 million, followed by Airtel 27.5 million, Globacom 27.4 million and 9Mobile trail behind with 10.2 million totaling 104 million in the month of August 2018.

This is higher that 103.6 million recorded in the previous month, when Airtel recorded 27.1 million, Glo 27.2 million, 9Mobile 10.4 million, while MTN recorded same figure as in August.

Airtel showed an increase of 421,477 from 27,508,240 in August compared to the figure it recorded in July; Glo also recorded 272,692 increase from 27.4 million in August compared to July figure.

In a similar vein, 9Mobile showed 125,567 increase in the month from 10.3 million recorded in August when compared with July figure, whereas MTN remained the same  in the month under review, maintaining the same figure of 39.46 million in both months.