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Author: Eagletale
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As Cyril Ogodo Continues To “Job” Pat Utomi



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[Image: F18E92E8-BF1C-4106-9B8A-4E2266753020.jpeg]

Cyril Ogodo na my Sapele brother. Bros say na him be the riri APC chairman. Say the one Ogboru and Ovie Omo-Agege wey dey shake Buhari hand and do every Fulani bidding, say that one na the fake one.

Pat Utomi, wey no dey fit look front straight, he say na the Cyril Ogodo led APC be the APC wey correct like money, mercury light go say na the original APC, no be the counterfeit be this.

Meanwhile, a whole Patito and all him gang no fit advise Pat Utomi to use hand close one eye and look only one place in case the other eye dey confuse am.

Sapele!!! Urhobo people!!! Una just dey job this guy. Pat done become una ATM.

Anyway, na so Gbajero church take fall for Warri that year. When you think you can look at two places at the same time, na lost you dey so.



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