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Author: Eagletale
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PDP Presidential Convention: Some Serious Candidates And Some Jokers



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[Image: 5EC7A719-5828-4530-AE01-769F5280447D-768x523.jpeg]

Some serious folks here ….and some jokers. Jang is a joker….he should not be in this line up.

Atiku has the economic Intelligence and acceptability across Nigeria, Bukola Saraki also, but both have baggage that can hurt them, but a vote for either will grow the economy..and stop 97% to 5% Nonsense…..these are serious candidates.

Kwankwaso is a politician, and understands Nigerian politics, but in fear burnt many bridges when he was opposing PDP and GEJ…..I fear if he wins he wont ” pull crowd” in SS and SE….however her has the power to split vote up North, important point.

Dankwambo has shown himself to be competent…Accountant, Governor, no scandal, he is the Bill Clinton here…a likable unknown….again….can he “pull crowd”?

Lamido can pull crowd, and is grassroots, smart, OBJ favorite, former foreign Minister, did lost of infrastructure in Jigawa but did he kill poverty? even with his economic Socialism? Again he can split the vote up North and will actually invest in infrastructure. good candidate

Tambuwal is the Caliphate candidate to stay relevant…..cant pull crowd…however steady hand.

Mararfi shown himself competent in Kaduna, keeping the peace, good clean record….does he have the funds to win? can he “pull crowd”?

Bafarawa is simply bored. next

Turaki, former GEJ minister, no name recognition, no funds, not even a dark horse…

David Mark, the “consensus” master….a real dark horse, he is carrying the ambition of others…He is a strategic candidate…personal qualification may not matter in his case….watch this space

Datti, young, polished, smart….How many Northerners do you know have built a University as a business? well he has….he has no name recognition but if Nigeria really wants a change, from Old Nigeria to a New Nigeria then he is the candidate.

For me, if I had the votes, i would vote Sen Baba Datti Ahmed…

but my own is to post…

Kalu Aja