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Author: Eagletale
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Can We Just Take A Moment To Give A Round Of Applause To Governor Wike?



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[Image: 3F190D6F-EEF2-4561-9E85-5A3474B8729D.jpeg]

Can we just take a moment to give a round of applause to Wike?

First to have along with Fayose and Fani Kayode kept PDP alive and kicking, even when many people criticizing him today as well as those ready to launch from PDP’s platform left PDP for dead.

Next for being able to pull serving governors, (what the ruling party could not do) President of the Senate, the speaker of the house of representative and of course many serving senators of the ruling party to PDP

Oh, and a former vice president

Can we first clap for that?

And then take a look at how organized the convention is. When Wike insisted on Port Harcourt, he was vilified and portorportor purge shit said about him by latrine mouths. Can we just take a look at the venue and ambience and organization and the Deejay and the performances and then give Wike a round of applause?

Is that hard to do?

And Secondus of course.

And all others who are part of this

Jonathan, we know your fatherly role

But can we give Wike a round of applause first?

Is it too much to give him accolades? Does he not deserve accolades? No be them dey rush PDP now? What station are people tuned to, the APC okirikportor convention or the masterclass of PDP’s

To praise people dey hard Nigerians. So so negativity and paranoia.

Come on clap for good thing.

Clap for Wike.

Ena Ofugara