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Author: Eagletale
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Ken Agala: Atiku Abubakar Is A Better Candidate Than General Buhari Any Day



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Atiku Abubakar is a better candidate than General Buhari any day. Managing a country is not commanding a parade ground.

Atiku has shown the ability to manage institutions while Buhari clearly lacks that ability.

Allegations that Atiku is corrupt has never been proven. So if we judge based on allegations, then Buhari is also guilty since he has also been alleged to be corrupt when he was petroleum minister and 2.8 billion went missing.

Atiku, as a customs officer suffered victimization when he stood his ground to prevent Buhari ‘s ADC moving out un searched suitcases.

This incident is a clear evidence of the contrast between the two of them. One was punished by the other for trying to prevent a crime being committed. So which one is corrupt here now?

While Atiku is credited to have contributed immensely to the growth of democracy in Nigeria, Buhari is clearly known to have destroyed all democratic institutions by sacking the executive, legislature and suspending the judiciary.

Even in the present democratic dispensation which took blood and battle to achieve, Buhari’s anti democratic traits were clearly seen as he brazenly refused to appear before the Oputa panel set up like the South African Truth Commission, in order to heal the wounds of the past and move the country forward.

Even his fellow coupists like IBB sent legal representation, but he refused into-to clearly scorning at the efforts.

People like Buhari shouldn’t be options for leadership positions in a democracy. Not at all

The grounds which his candidacy is being pushed is because he arrested and jailed alleged politicians . It is like applauding the mob that killed those kids in Aluu based on mere suspicion.

He has no business in the first place using military tribunals to place people on trial. Setting up military tribunals is purely like mob rule. Can a cockroach be innocent in the gathering of hungry fowls?

Majority of the politicians he jailed were clearly innocent Nigerians like Alex Ekwueme, Ambrose Allli, Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Adekunle Ajasin, Sam Mbakwe ,Tai Solarin and even Emeka Ojukwu who wasn’t even a political office holder and who just returned from exile based on a Presidential pardon from Shehu Shagari.

Coming to management of the economy, Atiku stands much taller. It’s on record that Atiku attracted most of the technocrats like Dr. Iweala , El Rufai , Soludo, Sansudeen Usman and others into the Obasnjo regime.

A coach is measured by his ability to attract star players . Who were the star players under Buhari who allowed him to respond to inflation by forceful regulation of prices of essential commodity ?

An action that led to hoarding and scarcity which finally crystallized in the form of bread lines. Even if he has professionals in his cabinet , I’m sure he never listened to them.

Outside politics, you can see that Atiku has been very useful to Nigeria , as the director of Intels Logistics, he had contributed immensely to our GDP and also generated thousands of employment while providing essential services to the oil, gas and marine sector.

His Pan American University is providing world class western styled education to this part of the word and attracting FDI as lots of foreign students from Africa patronize the school. The presence of the school in his native Yola has also contributed so much to that environment both socially and economically.

You can see how Atiku’s mind works when, rather than seat and complain like others about the Chibok issue , he understood and carried out his individual responsibility as a leader by quickly adopting the escaped girls and given then free quality western styled education.

This is in contrast to Gen Buhari who retired 29 years ago and clearly lacks the ability to provide a service and add a few naira to our Gross domestic product .

Even past leaders in the north have set up businesses like farms and schools. Rtd officers like Abubakar Umar owns cattle ranches and Ostrich farms while Admiral Nyako’s mango farm is one of the largest in Africa . Babangida, Obasanjo and Abdusalami all owns schools and farms.

In developed countries we have seen past presidents set up consultancy firms, go on peace missions for international NGOs and even rake in millions through international speaking engagements.

A leader who retires from the top most office twenty nine years after and claims he can’t afford 27 million naira has a poor mindset.

In a country of 200 million people, if you render a service for just one thousand customers alone and make five naira profit from each in a day, that is 500,000 per day. If your business works six days in a week which makes it 24 days in a month , it means you have a profit of 12 million in a month. In a year you have 144 million. Give or take you live a semi- luxury lifestyle and plough back some money into the investment you can still save 20 million in a year.

Let’s assume that you don’t have money to set up this business , but if you can raise 27 million in bank loan to gamble in a Presidential election, I’m sure that bank manager will give you 100 million loan if you present a brilliant business plan to him.

People like General Buhari should not be given wealth to manage from the way their minds works . No wonder everybody seems corrupt in his eyes. Because he finds it difficult to believe that somebody can have 27 million naira if we assume he is not pretending .

These are not the kind of leaders needed in a generation where balance of trade and investment is the order of the day.

Buhari’s supporters are complaining that Atiku is banking on his wealth. Did anybody ask Buhari not to build wealth?

The next thing you’d hear is that Atiku is corrupt .They forgot that the man has built his wealth long before he became Vice President .

People who think that anyone who has built wealth is corrupt are very dangerous people . They seem to see themselves in others.

The time has gone when apparent piety is celebrated as a virtue required for leadership.

The poor can NEVER help the poor and poor mindsets are worse off.

[Image: 95095E47-15E9-40B2-8C7B-4BB957F2ECD1.jpeg]

Ken Agala