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Author: slimsaint
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#OPINION : Does Marriage Even Make Sense Anymore?



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Marriage made a lot of sense once upon a time

Mostly when women didn’t have the same roles and rights as men, and were effectively private property (a societal legacy that still influences our oddly-upheld traditions of a bride being “walked down the aisle” and taking her husband’s last name.)

Women didn’t have access to the workplace, so needed financial security. Men had income, but needed heirs. The exchange was simple. (And during the Victorian era, we prettied it up a bit by convincing ourselves it was about “love,” too.)

We’ve come a long way. Women have equal rights and roles in the workforce, so they don’t need financial security anymore. And while folks might still be interested in reproduction, does marriage still play a role?

Please note: we aren’t comparing “marriage” to “bachelorhood” or “single parents,” and we aren’t using “marriage” as synonymous with “monogamy.”

This post is about longterm, monogamous, cohabiting couples — why are we still getting married?

There’s a difference between what we say — and why we actually do.

Because it is emotion-based — but the emotion isn’t “love.”

To be honest ,- the future of marriage in the next 20 years is blurred.