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Author: Eagletale
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Only Human Tapeworms Still Ascribe “Integrity” To Buhari



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[Image: E5890BBA-0BCB-4845-833D-0D2C326DCDB2-768x512.jpeg]

Only human tapeworms still ascribe “integrity” to Buhari. The idiots in APC told you that APC has 14 million people that voted Buhari in the primaries this month.

They claim they had 14 million delegates

They claim 14 million people voted in that primaries

They claim 14 million people filled a stadium that can only sit 60,000 tops

They claim they counted 14 million votes in one day

APC did not employ a load of people to do the counting.

No go-slow or traffic where 14 million people cast votes

But Buhari has integrity

He is unaware 14 million people participated in APC primaries that returned him.

Not that governors mobilized thousands for him

14 million votes counted in four hours for Mr Integrity.

Anyone on whose status you see that 14 million people voted Buhari in the primaries, tell that person that…

He or she is tapeworm covered by purge.

Buhari is garbage and he is very good at being garbage.

Liar, cheat, thief, dullard, bigot, herdsman President.