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Author: Eagletale
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Like I Suspected, Obasanjo And Buhari Are Just Playing A Game



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[Image: 65D61FE1-6F27-4B92-AF90-BBF5E9F72A22.jpeg]

Like I suspected…..Obasanjo and Buhari are just playing a game…

Obi Ezekwesii and Donald Duke will share the vote in the South….Buhari will coast home.

Someone will soon comment with words like technocrat and “vote my conscience” nonsense………NONSENCE…..absolute NONSENCE…..

Let me say it again, if the aim is to defeat Buhari…..then vote Atiku and PDP…

If you are voting ANY party outside PDP understand clearly you are voting for Buhari….It’s better you come out openly and support Buhari with pride….its not illegal.

God forbid I vote for a man that cannot create one net job in 2 attempts as President

I so post….

Kalu Aja