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Author: Eagletale
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Africans: What About Nigeria And Ghana That Helps Them Develop At A Quicker Rate?



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[Image: 9DFF6408-F62B-46DD-9B9A-E53CFD860CA1.jpeg]

There are many things I do love about Nigeria, having lived and gotten married there to a citizen, but it’s not the best choice, even in West Africa, to argue as a model for development.

I’d argue policies and leadership are what make or break a nation, and while tradition and a good political organization can help prevent certain blunders, ultimately it does come down to who is head of state, as we in America are painfully experiencing.

Resources can be helpful, but can also be a two edged sword: oil has caused more turmoil and corruption in Nigeria than aid in development. Mind you, with the right leadership Nigeria’s petroleum wealth could make it the powerhouse of the continent, but to date that remains a mirage.

Ghana has been quicker to focus on tourism and stability and has captured regional leadership of many foreign embassies, and is forging ahead in this new century. Nigeria’s greatest strength is surely its people, but this too is a double bladed weapon: the nation has more than it can easily educate, employ, or utilize effectively.

In the end it comes down to who is at the helm, and how well they steer the ship of state.

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Jeff Verkouille

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