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Author: Eagletale
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Buhari, Villa Cabal And The Theory Of Symbolic Interactionism



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[Image: 7DD947C7-3450-4F59-B215-13BDEC57B351-621x1024.jpeg]

As a trained and practising Linguist with special interest in Semantics, seeing, hearing and interpreting the society is kind of easy for me, and I have married that into my other fields of strategic communication, translation, legislative consulting and lobbying, and public affairs analysis and commentary for easy webbing and mapping in of all stratas of the society.
In some of my past works, I have delved into Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Mathematical Linguistics, Architectural Linguistics, Structural Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Symbolic Semantics, Spatial Semantics and many others; but in this one, I shall so do to Sociolinguistics and Neurolinguistics albeit at a bit advanced stage.

It is no longer news that a cabal exists at the highest helms of our affairs, and the resultant effects of that have been sitting crystal bare in front of us all.
In this work, I will dwell on symbolic interactionism with semantic workings of neuronal circuits, to show why how Nigerians now see President Buhari, and they proportionally react the way they react.
Symbolic interactionism is purely about perspective,- what things are perceived to be by people based on meanings derived from social interaction and
modified through interpretation. In this work, oBuhari shall be object i.e Buhari himself, sBuhari shall be symbol i.e conventional representation of oBuhari.

Towards the 2015 elections, oBuhari totally transtructured into a kind of sBuhari unfindable amongst his fellow Nigerians. He became a demi god to many, and messiah to some. There was total referential semantic linkage between the sBuhari and the oBuhari and actions (mai gaskiya, nationalist, war hero, puritan, decisive leader, saint, anti-corruption hero etc) used to speak about him.
It was a tough battle for the then ruling party, People’s Democratic Party, who was actually parading a sitting president condemned already into everything opposite oBuhari, and these reasons were why oBuhari was able to angle him off even with large army of kid voters in the Northern part of the nation, without any uprising from any quarters. Infact, he himself called to congratulate oBuhari before the results were released. But today, unfortunately that singular endowment the society bestowed upon oBuhari are totally gone, and this is largely due to unhindered actions of the cabal in his presidency, and his own corroboral inactions.

An oBuhari who was swallowed hook, line and sinker promised to hit the ground running, but was prevented by the cabal to hit anything talkless of running. A man who promised not belonging to anybody but everybody later belonged to a certain part of the country when the cabal appointed largely the Northerners to man strategic formations of the nation. A man who was seen as father to all later postulated 97/5% and till today using that script. An object of nationalism turned out to be that of sectionalism as he waves olive branch to some, and reptiles dances to others. A man who became anti-corruption personified got derobed by the administrative head of his own government, David Babachir who swallowed hundreds of millions from agonising internally displaced persons, his Chief of Staff who brokered fine between NCC and MTN with N500m, sundry illegalities, and of late the NNPC $25b contracts to companies traced to core elements in his government etc. A man Nigerians think would be accessible was fenced off from even his own cabinet members by the cabal. A man thought to be decisive turned out to be a man who is helpless in the hands of his handlers. A man who not long ago generating smiles now generate anger and scorn in the minds of Nigerians, just because he doesn’t want to be in-charge. Nobody is happy anymore. The wife is not happy, his cabinet is not happy, and his nation is not happy, just because he is not ready to do away with the cabal around him.

Just last week, as he was battling with the mess caused by the cabal in the leaked Junior Petroleum Minister’s memo to him, some of his Northern brothers and fellow muslims came down on him immediately the appointment to the vacant deputy governor in the Central Bank was announced. They called him names for appointing someone who they termed unislamic; yet this is an appointment made by his Chief of Staff but arsenals got directed at him for that.
The way he was positively formed in the minds and brains of Nigerians, is the way he is getting reformed negatively due to their interactions with him. The combinatorial semantics, is enabling their learning of symbolic meaning from context as playing out in the recurring interactions, and is washing off all they thought of him.
All the lovely emotions invested on him are gone, as later signs linked with the internal states of their bodies exude bitterness all over.

As we are witnessing now, the result of symbolic interactionism is why Nigerians are acting bitter towards oBuhari based on the meaning of sBuhari revealed to them; and while this was derived from interactions, it was modified through interpretation in minds and brains of these ones who once saw him as messiah. Processing oBuhari was easy giving the fact that he is a long timer on Nigerian’s pedestal, and their binding of oBuhari multi-modal semantic features into one coherent sBuhari wasn’t so hard, and that is what happened resulting to what he is witnessing lately.

In neuroimaging, several cortical regions have the capacity to support general meaning processes via imaging, space etc; and Broca’s, Brodmann’s, Wernicke’s, gyru sulcus, angular and adjacent supramarginal gyrus in the inferior parietal cortex, and
Inferior and middle temporal cortex of these Nigerians which were very active then during the semantic processing of cross-modal spatial and temporal configurations of sBuhari, and binding of oBuhari and its meanings, are now also at play deconstructing the earlier form; and it will only take the same linguistic process to reverse what is on ground, if at all he is willing to let go the giant lead-the cabal dangling on his neck.

Nigeria shall rise again and again.

Akinloye Oyeniy