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[Image: 10EFC681-9850-4010-B0A4-5A2B91E8B561-768x830.jpeg]

Saying Atiku is corrupt is the biggest indictment on the whole Buhari presidency. You cannot call Atiku corrupt and say Buhari is fighting corruption. You should be too ashamed to even think it

If Buhari, your oga that owns the police and army and EFCC and who has used same to harrass people and who have kept them in prison disobeying court orders to grant them bail, why exactly then is Atiku not facing any charges, at least before now?

Atiku’s wife has represented Aisha Buhari at very important events. Buhari did not send Osinbajo’s wife. He sent Atiku’s wife.

It is Atiku Buhari chooses to sit beside him at all events.

The smile between Atiku and Buhari is genuine and one filled with love and mutual respect

At least until Atiku decided to run against him

So is Buhari UNAWARE Atiku is corrupt?

Or Atiku is not corrupt?

Or Buhari does not give an eff about corruption?

Which is it?

Buhari is the first to endorse Atiku, even before PDP

PDP had refused to give Atiku ticket until Mr Integrity Buhari gave his stamp of approval to the life and times and ways of Atiku.

But why am I bothering to write such a long Atiku when they say a picture is worth a thousand words

So if indeed a picture is worth a thousand words, here are thousand and thousands of words MY ATIKU sorry article , no matter how well written, can never match.

These pictures I got in less than 3 minutes of google search and download.

So is Atiku corrupt?

Does Buhari think Atiku is corrupt?

If your oga embraces Atiku so tightly, who the ringworm are you APC supporter to open your mouth and call Atiku corrupt?

Oya follow your leader and smile and embrace Atiku immediately. Follow your leader.