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Author: Eagletale
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There Are Many Snakes Living In Facebook, Wear Rainboot Or They Will Bite You



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[Image: 2B442A93-C538-41ED-90F3-EC34E28C7467-768x576.jpeg]

If you hear anyone saying “recycled politicians” and talking about a youth movement, HISS and look at the person with “bad eye”. Those are the type of people that give bad advise to their friends because of their own interests.

But if you choose to engage, ask the idiot that “you that is now talking of recycled politicians, show me what you did in support of Sowore or Durojaiye or Chike Ukaegbu. Did he send them small money for poster? Is any of their faces his screensaver?

Look, there are many snakes living on this Facebook. Wear rainboot or they will bite you.

Now that PDP has chosen her own Fulani and Northerner from our past, it is now these secret Buhari supporters talk about “Fulani Agenda” and “why cannot we support a youth”

Fuck youuuuuuuuu!!!

Ena Ofugara