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Author: Eagletale
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If ''Atiku Is Corrupt'' Line Fails To Work, How about "ATIKU'S Mother Is A WEEENSH?"



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[Image: C997CC42-C956-4BDF-A430-0211AFB4553E.jpeg]

APC and Buhari people may not admit it to you. But Atiku’s immediate acceptance and adoption by everyone including Yorubas have them flummoxed. The way the “he is corrupt” “he cannot go to America” is falling on deaf ears is bewildering to them.

Now they have taken to philosophical thinking and insulting Nigerians calling us lovers of corruption, like it is Atiku that was the one paying Remitta 25 billion a day for almost a month before Dino Malaye blew the racket open, which destroyed his relationship with APC and Buhari and Tinubu finally.

The APC folks cannot believe how pastors, princes and paupers from everywhere are saying “let us give Atiku a chance to try as Buhari has failed”

Now BMC has to get creative. The corruption tag is not enough. Lets think…


You guys have to think of something. He is peeling away Buhari supporters by the minute. It is a bandwagon effect.

Ena Ofugara