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Author: Eagletale
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How Are Non-Technical People Able To Found Successful Tech Startups?



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[Image: 326CE366-7969-41E8-9EFF-2B069DC7A1ED.jpeg]

According to Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs didn’t ever code. He still founded Apple.

Today Apple is worth a trillion dollars, making incredible products and even more incredible amounts of money.

That’s because founding is not about knowing everything – it’s about having a vision and having a network of people who can answer all your questions. It’s also about knowing what you’re able to do and what you better leave to others.

Okay so before I say anything – let’s define non-technical. If you don’t know anything about engineering or coding, you probably don’t want to start building cars by yourself. That’s bonkers.

But if you’re open minded, know your way around new technology – then there’s opportunity everywhere. By that, I mean that you don’t need to know how to code everything, but it’s important to know what’s possible and what’s not. What’s in need and what has great potential

I can’t code, but I’d be able to build a technology product. Why? Because I know the basics, so I know what I need. With these needs I can find technical co-founders and employees.

I can still maintain an important role as either taking care of operations, sales, marketing, design etc. Just stuff, i’m a lot better at than coding.

Steve Jobs was a visionary leader and had a lot of things going for him, that let him think of great products.

Just because you’re technical minded, doesn’t mean that you can invent great products. You might be able to build them, but that doesn’t mean, that you have the necessary vision.

Building great things is a team effort.

Scaling is a team effort.

Success is a team effort.

Tim Hoffmann