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Author: Eagletale
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Spare Us The Embarrassment Of Having Our President Referred To As “Lifeless”



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[Image: 97DB4BCC-CDAD-46E5-A7F0-12C4187E6251.jpeg]

“Atiku cannot visit US.” Ok.
But Trump done say he no like to see lifeless Buhari again. If he want see LIFELESS, he go go mortuary for US. So wetin be the difference? I go tell una.

Aisha and Atiku name naim dey the scandal wey hold Atiku. Aisha get DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY and she use am enter US wellemly.

Atiku go use presidency diplomatic immunity enter US when he win

This time Trump go hear wetin the Nigerian president dey talk and go do business with Atiku, bad guy to bad guy. Billionaire to billionaire.

No be Buhari wey no sabi anything. Even to pluck vegetable without killing the vegetable that all other thieves have done, mumu Buhari and his cabal pluck our vegetable destroy the plant and economy.

So make una shurrup for the US matter.

Atiku go meet Trump and Trump no go say “Do not bring Willie-willie to me next time”

Una dey use low energy dull Buhari dey compare Atiku wey agile and vibrant.

Atiku go go US with Diplomatic immunity and this time we go see the benefit.

Ena Ofugara