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Author: Eagletale
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Old Things Have Passed Away And All Things Have Bacome New



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[Image: 052D29F1-9451-4C0B-84B0-D115CD36F998.jpeg]

Old Things Have Passed Away And All Things Have Bacome New. And if the wizards come dey tell you say Atiku betray Jonathan and Obasanjo and Atiku do this or that, tell them say PDP is a party of forgivers and forgiveness.

Old things have passed away and all things have become new.

Tell them say Jonathan turn the other cheek as Jesus talk. Tell them say na Jonathan tell Atiku to go first make peace with Obasanjo as stated in Matthew 5:22.

Atiku hear Jonathan word.

The Obasanjo when lead the onslaught against Jonathan saying Jonathan get sniper to kill people, na Jonathan open him door to welcome am to Otuoke wey Obasanjo send am go.

Na Jonathan use him hand open him door for Atiku and even Kwankwaso. No be houseboy or cousin. Na Jonathan get up open door welcome them.

Na Obasanjo call pastors and Imams make them come receive Atiku wey he once attacked.

Na PDP way. Naim make PDP reign never witness war.

Na PDP end militancy wey Abacha and military no fit end.

Under PDP, nobody shoot IPOB, even though the quest for Biafra dey even then.

Under PDP, This Boko Haram and Fulani hersmen you see today, you shall see them no more as lasting solution go come out.

Because of the spirit of forgiveness

So all those wey dey quote Obasanjo words against Atiku or say Atiku do Jonathan this or that, tell them say na Jonathan carry Atiku matter for head say this time make others leave am for am as them fit come again in four years.

Wike and all understand wey seniors them yarn make he chill. Tomorrow dey.

PDP is a NATIONAL party of forgivers

Una no see Ibori and Jonathan?

This na why Nigeria go survive longer and no go see the war and pestilence all them America dey predict.

2015 no pass? war come? Them no say war go dey? As Jonathan hand over peacefully, America no shame?

Atiku will be president and because PDP is a party of forgivers.

And you wey vote Buhari. We forgive you. Come over. Join us. Be Atikulate about your decision to switch over. WE FORGIVE YOU. Yes you.

Not only vote but campaign for Atiku for president.

Ena Ofugara